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Programming Contest

  • Location: IIUC, Kumira, Chittagong
  • Time: 10:00 AM - 01:00 PM
  • Date: 09, Nov, 2017
  • IEEE Member Registration Fee: 300 BDT TK
  • Non-IEEE Member Registration Fee: 300 BDT TK
  • Payment method: Bkash
  • Payment number: 01714509123
  • Registration Form: Click here
  • Registration Deadline: 2017-11-02

Programming Contest Competition : Rules & Registration

Rules : 

1) Format of the contest will be that of ACM ICPC.

2) It is a team contest. Each team will consist of three members.

3) All problems will be set in English. Approximately 6-10 problems will be given for the contest with duration of 4 hours. Contestants should solve the problems in any of the allowable programming languages (C/C++/Java). For unavoidable circumstances, the contest director or program committee may change the contest duration.

4) A team should use only one computer provided to them. Parallel coding is not allowed.

5) Code::Blocks IDE will be provided for the contest with GNU C/C++ compiler. PC^2 judging tool will be used to submit the solutions.

6) Maximum effort will be given to provide equitable computer and environment to every team. Nevertheless, the program committee will not be liable for any inconsistency that is beyond their control.

7) Contestants may bring resource materials such as books, manuals and printed program listings. Contestants must not bring any machine-readable version of programs or data, calculator, mobile phone, laptop/palmtop computer or any other device that can communicate with computer. However, a team may bring their own keyboard / mouse with prior permission.

8) A contestant is not allowed to communicate or collaborate with anyone other than his/her team members and personnel designated by the program committee. System support staff may advise contestants on system-related problems such as explaining system error messages.

9) A member of a team is not allowed to communicate with his own team member outside the contest room.

10) Contestants should not use any material available online during the contest.

11) A contestant should not ask for a solution or copy code from any other person.

12) Contestants should not post or share their code.

13) If any unobvious similarity is found in the codes of two or more teams, all will be penalized.

14) Any violation of the rules and regulations may disqualify the concerned team. A team may be disqualified by the program committee for any activity that jeopardizes the contest such as dislodging extension cords, unauthorized modification of contest materials or distracting behavior.


1) Each submitted runs are judged as accepted or rejected. Result will be notified through the PC^2 judging tool. Accepted runs will be notified as “Accepted”. Rejected runs will be notified as follows:

a) Compilation Error (The compiler could not compile the program)

b) Run Time Error (Your program has performed an illegal operation showing a run time error)

c) Time Limit Exceeded (Your program can not provide output for the judge’s input data within the time limit)

d) No Output (Your program did not produce any output)

e) Wrong Answer (Your solution was incorrect)

f) Output Format Error / Presentation Error (Your answer may or may not be correct but you did not accurately follow the output formatting instructions)

2) A contestant may submit a claim of ambiguity or error in a problem statement by submitting a clarification request to the judges. If the judges agree that an ambiguity or error exists, a clarification will be issued to all the contestants.


A problem is solved when the judges accept it. The judges are solely responsible for accepting or rejecting any of the submitted runs. Teams are ranked according to the number of problems solved. Teams solving the same number of problems are ranked first by least total penalty time then by the earliest time of submission of the last accepted run. Total penalty time is calculated as follows:

a) When a solution is accepted the time (in minutes) elapsed from the beginning of the contest to the first correct submission is added to the penalty time.

b) Each wrong submission before the accepted one will incur 20 minutes of penalty time.

c) There is no penalty for the unsolved problems.


Male: Lab 1 & Lab 2 (Academic Building - 4), Lab 6 (Language Building).

Female: Labs in Female Zone.


  • Champion: 2500 BDT
  • Runner UP: 1500 BDT

Online Registration: Click here

Offline Registration (Male):

Kafil Uddin, (CSE)

Hello: 01829447355

Offline Registration (Female):

Asma Humayra, (CSE)

Email: Asmahumayra10@gmail.com

Note: Every participant/team must be needed to fill up the online registration form.

For T-shirt: Every participants have to pay extra amount with registration fee to order his/her T-shirt.


Non IEEE: 120 BDT

For Further Contact:

Md. Bakiuzzaman

Chairperson, IEEE IIUC Student Branch

Student Convener, IEEE Spectra 2017

E-mail: mdbakiuzzaman@gmail.com

Mobile No.: 01714509123, 01974509123