Workshop on Google Women Tech-makers

By: IIUCSB | Posted on: 05 May 2017 , 02:03:09 AM

A successful workshop on Google women tech-maker was held on 4th May, 2017, which was conducted by Google  and organized by IIUC IEEE WIE Affinity Group.

The main purpose of this workshop was to provide visibility, community and resources for women in technology to drive innovation and participation in the field. Basically May is the month of International women’s day, so it was a great opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women while calling for greater equality within our communities.

The speaker of this workshop was Mr. Rashik Ishrak Nahian, Ambassador of GDG Dhaka. He was very much friendly through the whole session. He was very responsive when anybody asking him any question.

The workshop was very fruitful for the participants, they got to know about the latest technologies, about fire base, cloud, what is entrepreneurship,  how  to be professional while we are in our profession , how to reach to the customers and how to make our service flawless . For example if we are running a web page for our business how it would be time efficient and so on.

The most interesting segment of the whole workshop was the question answering session. It was based on the workshop. Winners were appreciated by some gifts also.