Seminar on Web Virtual Reality Held

By: IIUCSB | Posted on: 21 January 2017 , 02:30:57 AM

A seminar on web virtual reality was held on 20th January, 2017 which is onducted by Mozilla Bangladesh and organized by IIUC IEEE WIE Affinity Group.

Learning about the web virtual reality and connection of it with real life, was the core issue of the program. A team of six members from Mozilla Bangladesh Community attended in the Seminar. They are Salman Rahman Desh (Speaker), Khalid Syfullah Zaman (Speaker), Sauradeep Dutta, Salman Anim, Saif Islam and Md. Nazmus Shakib (Robin). So, at first, Mozilla Reps Mr. Salman Rahman Desh came to take the session. He started his speech by welcoming the audience with his cool voice and a big smile. Then he briefly described about WebVR and how to use A-frame.

From his session, we got to know about some following important points:

What is WebVR, Introduced with aframe.io, What is A-frame framework, What kind of things can be made in WebVR, How to write tags at the time of coding inA-frame, How can we get the documentation of A-frame, How can we easily create objects in A-frame, How to rotate, color, scale, translate and texture the objects in A-frame, Why it’s important to having knowledge in WebVR, how to make a full WebVR project, How to develop webpage/graphics using A-frame.

There were some VR Box available. Each participant wear the VR Box and tested the flavor of virtual reality.