Seminar on 'Telepresence Robotics: An Emerging IoT based Robotics Technology' held at IIUC

By: IIUCSB | Posted on: 19 May 2017 , 09:22:14 PM

On 18th May, a seminar titled “Telepresence Robotics: An Emerging Internet of Things (IoT) based Robotics Technology” was held at IIUC, organized by IEEE IIUC STUDENT BRANCH.
The seminar program was started with the inaugural speech of Mr. Tanveer Rahman Shakil, Seminar Coordinator & Vice Chairperson, IEEE IIUC SB at the seminar room of Central Auditorium, IIUC.

The main speaker of the seminar was Mrs. Rini Ehsan Khushboo, Mechanical Engineer (CUET),
CTO(Planeter Ltd.), Ex-LICT Trainer of IoT, ICT Division Bangladesh.

Internet of Things is one of the fastest growing technology sector in the modern world. The process of bringing the ability to use the internet of our everyday utility like human thought is called the Internet of Things. In a word, Accessories & Technologies around us can use the internet as like as a man himself does. The Telepresence Robotics technology is the technology to reach the information by hand from a long distance like Home, Office, any destination or place by any moment through IoT based Robotics Technology. The main speaker highlighted the increasing popularity and future prospects of this sector of technology. Rini Ehsan Khushboo said that her company 'Planeter Ltd.' is going to build the countries’ first 'IoT' based telepresence robot. Which is being sponsored by the Government Republic of Bangladesh.

Associate Professor Mr. Athar Uddin, Honorary Counselor of IEEE IIUC SB and Chairman of Dept. of EEE,IIUC was present as the chief guest at the seminar. He highlighted the popularity and possibilities of this new technology sector.

Mr. Tanveer Ahmed, Associate Professor of the Dept. of CSE and Mr. Md. Eftekhar Alam, Lecturer, Dept. of EEE was present as the special guests at the seminar.
In the end of the program, Mr. Md. Bakiuzzaman, Chairperson of IEEE IIUC SB, given his speech. He added, “Possibilities do not end in the world of knowledge. New technology is being connected day by day. So we need to broaden the framework of new technologies to learn. There is no option in the competitive world to this.”
He also thanked and showed his gratitude to the invited guests, volunteers and participants of the seminar in his closing speech. Finally, with expressing his gratitude the seminar was announced closed.

Abdullah Al Mamun
Asst. Publicity Convenor, IEEE IIUC Student Branch.